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COVID-19 Phase 2 Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic will certainly be remembered for the rest of our lives! But....what will those memories actually be? That depends on your next steps in the weeks ahead. I'm hoping we can look back on these memories:

1. How we were a source of encouragement to our audience.

2. We gave information that directed the listener in a helpful way.

3. That our on-air transparency was delivered in a way to relate to the listener, and not focus on you.

4. That we had a great plan developed to support our local businesses and organizations as they reopened their doors & appreciate them more.

5. That we had a helpful job location service/plan for those looking for work.

6. That we were authentically exuberant on the air for listeners weaving their way back into society.

7. That we discovered how important it is to treat others like you would want them to treat you.

8. Egos mean nothing.

9. Stature means less than nothing.

10. Narcissism is obnoxious.

1 1. Fear is paralyzing so focus on hope, no matter how big or small.

12. Know that you are never stronger by yourself.

13. When you are a source of hope for others, you make their world a better place. This isn't just a nice thing to say.........It's real!

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